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Most Popular Types of Dog Fences


Dog owners are often faced with the challenge of finding and keeping the dog secure in the yard. To find out what type of fence is the most effective and safe for your dog requires some research.

Traditional dog fences

Traditional fences are used to keep the dogs in the yard, as well as fencing for flower beds, ridges, bush the dogs. These fences are built of wood, brick, stone, metal and plastic. However, traditional fences sometimes create problems for dog owners. Small-scale and small breed dogs often dig under the fence in such a hole and run away without any problems. The dogs of large breeds can just jump over a fence. In some cottage, settlements banned the installation of certain types of traditional fences.

Invisible dog fences

Alternative to traditional fences are invisible electric fence, which was also designed to help pet owners have dogs in the yard. Electric fence can be installed around the perimeter of the yard, and to restrict certain area.

Wire electric fence is moved to the ground. The transmitter is installed in the basement, or in garage. Every time a dog comes close to the wire, the transmitter sends the audio signal to a receiver that is mounted on the collar the dog. The dog perceives the sound as a warning signal. If the dog ignores the beep and trying to go farther, the transmitter sends an electrical discharge.

You must consider some aspects before buying an invisible electric fence. Electric fences can not be used if you have a small dog, such as Chihuahuas, miniature poodles, etc. In this case, dog owners should consider other options for the fences. In addition, any dog is unpleasant (and even as experts say, dangerous) electrical discharge. To verify this, try the action of the collar on her, but not the hand, and... on the neck. Because the neck is much more sensitive neck than on the hands. In addition, there is danger of exposure and on the psyche of the dog.

The best dog fences

Because dogs often take to the streets to celebrate the natural need to, play, etc., they can be distracted by attractive for them to extraneous sounds and smells. In addition, here begins the complaint neighbors to walk without a leash and the owner of the dog. Moreover, if the dog still plays on another site, or worse, chasing the neighborhood cats, expect trouble. So, be sure to put on your site the fence. The best fence for dogs, after all, is a traditional fence. However, to the dog did not run away by jumping over it and dug a hole under the fence, for this you need to train your dog.

So, after you are aware of the basic information about the most popular types of dog fences, now, it remains Click Here  only to choose the most suitable to your needs. But before you choose one, first, you will need to determine of exactly what purposes do you need it and only after that to order one.